Share your #LeftInLockdown story on social media

On 14 May, we launched new research that exposes that – despite new government messages and the lockdown easing – families are still missing out on vital therapies and health appointments.

This is still not good enough. We need those in power to know that disabled children can’t be left behind as we come out of lockdown. To help raise the profile of this issue, we have launched a new action asking people across the country to print off a sign, write why they are backing a recovery plan for disabled children and families and send it to those in power.

In a nutshell, all you need to do to take part is print our A4 sign, fill in a short message, take a photo with it, and then send to decision makers on social media. We hope if many people take this action it will help get the need for a recovery plan noticed.

Simply follow these four easy steps to take part:

  1. Print off your sign. If you don’t have a printer, you can use any piece of paper and just write “We need a recovery plan for disabled children and families because…” at the top.
  2. Write your message on the sign. Look at the bottom of this email for some examples from the DCP team. You could share your own family’s experiences, or use a stat from our latest research. If you can’t think of anything, you can just put “they have been #LeftInLockdown“.
  3. Take a photo with the sign, either by yourself or with your family or friends. Make sure you can read the sign and try to make it landscape, and in a room with good light.
  4. Post it to social media and tag the politicians who have the power to implement a recovery plan: @GavinWilliamson (Secretary of State for Education) and @VickyFord (Minister for Children). It would be great if you could also tag us – @DCPCampaign – and use #LeftInLockdown. We recommend that you post it on Twitter if you can – as that’s what most politicians look at and it is more public – but you can also do it on Facebook or Instagram.

Here are some examples from the DCP team:

Our new research has exposed that 6 out of 10 families are still experiencing delays to health appointments to review and treat long-term conditions.

On top of this, therapies are still delayed for half of families and both children and parent carers are more socially isolated than the rest of the population – despite lockdown easements. The government has said that services for disabled children should be prioritised. They must go further. We need a recovery plan.

What if I don’t have social media?

If you don’t have social media we would still love for you to take part. You can email us the photo of you on your sign at and we can share it for you on our social media pages and website.