DCP Manifesto 2024

The Disabled Children’s Partnership Manifesto 2024

The DCP is incredibly proud to share it’s Manifesto.

The DCP has developed a manifesto with the call to all major political parties to consider disabled children and their families in their respective manifestos.

The key asks of the Manifesto are:

  • Make disabled children a priority. Those at the heart of politics need to prioritise the needs of disabled children and their families and to acknowledge disabled children and their families as equal, valued members of society. We want all parties to commit to the appointment of a Minister for Disabled Children and to producing a cross party disabled children’s strategy. 
  • Clarify and enforce rights, and review the law. The next Government must commit to stronger accountability within the SEND system; to making the education system inclusive; and to ensuring that disabled children and young people receive the support they need across the education, health and social care systems. 
  • Address funding shortfalls and create a dedicated fund for disabled children. Making disabled children the priority and having a system that is fit for purpose with effective accountability will help make this happen; but the right level of funding is also vital.

We urge any of our campaigners to share our manifesto with any Prospective parliamentary candidates in their constituency.

You can read the full Manifesto here.

You can find out who is standing in your constituency here.