‘The weekend presents itself as the toughest part of my week to navigate. 

 I get that Monday feeling on a Friday afternoon as I try and juggle the expectations and responsibilities that lay in the coming 72 hours. The Commodores classic 1970’s hit song, Easy like a Sunday morning, was on one of the first albums I ever bought. This jazz and soul compilation was indicative of my awkward, younger self desperately searching for who I really was.

 Every week, as the weekend approaches, the swaying vocals of ‘Easy like Sunday morning’ seem ever more distant and incompatible with my life now. As the parent of a child with complex needs, my week is upside down.

With ever shrinking appropriate short break provision and rejected requests for support, I am left juggling limited energy, the desire for quality family time, the need for rest, heightened expectations and just wanting a glimpse of normality for all our family.

 This series of images captured by Nicola Parry at 8am one Sunday morning as a part of a larger project share the reality of what ‘easy’ looks for families like mine.’ – Rachel



Photographer, Nicola Parry explains:

The aim of my project was to document the realities of an ‘everyday’ which for some, is a much greater struggle than for the rest of us.

I have taken away a great deal from my experience but most affecting has been the realization that the ‘difference’ I have observed is permanent. This is not a difference in terms of the love, fun and laughter, or in terms of nagging children to get their homework done and help out with chores; but in terms of the huge level of responsibility and necessity to be available, alert and organised every waking moment – as well as some moments when not awake. 

I hope my images will provoke thought and consideration and help to raise awareness of the secret lives of others.


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