Secret Life of Us

The #SecretLifeOfUs campaign aims to provide families with disabled children an opportunity to have their experiences heard.  

It brings to life the realities of the challenges disabled children, young people and their families face in living a life that many other members of society will not have to even consider. It reveals the parts of their lives that most people simply do not see.  

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see blogs and videos from families with disabled children sharing their #SecretLifeOfUs. Share them and help us spread the word. 

Having a disabled child is not a tragedy nor a cause for pity. The injustice is that families do not receive the support to which they are entitled to and that barriers exist in society that prevent families from have equality in opportunity to others. During the pandemic, this situation was only made worse by even more support services being delayed.  

Every parent carer, disabled young person and family member has the potential to achieve great things in society – but all too often these barriers, and restricted support, stop the entire family from being able to achieve their full potential.   

Developed in close partnership with parents, #SecretLifeOfUs campaigns to raise awareness of these barriers, change attitudes, challenge myths, and create better understanding. 

Are you a parent carer or disabled young person? Please email us to share your #SecretLifeOfUs ( It could be a blog, video, poem or more. You could share challenges you face, or lovely positive experiences your family sees. 

Read and share #SecretLifeOfUs stories below.

toddler and mum smiling
6 December 2017

It is important for us to include Cameron in family activities so he can someday gain independence. He has recently started to learn how to walk, and we love to celebrate all that he achieves rather than focus on the barriers he faces.

27 November 2017

Katie, 7, has autism, which can affect how she plays. Over time, her family has learnt the rules of her game.
Eva writes to Katie about the puzzle of finding the right toys.

20 November 2017

It breaks my heart that there isn’t a legal requirement to provide accessible toilets. It feels as though society doesn’t care enough for my son’s health and dignity.

25 October 2017

Rachel’s little boy didn’t breathe on delivery and was diagnosed ten weeks later with severe brain damage. From then, she and her husband hurtled down an unmarked road of loving a child with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy.