My name is Chantelle Harrison, I’m a single mum age 35 to my son josh age 14 and daughter Mia age 6.

Josh has diagnosis of asd and has a number of other issues such as hypermobility and global development delay. Mia is awaiting asd assessment and I’m awaiting asd and adhd assessment but have FND diagnosis.

Josh has always been in mainstream school despite needing send school. Josh was first assessed at aged 4 and diagnosis was missed. This then didn’t get diagnosed until age 13. Josh now has a learning gap of 6 years and no schools locally or even slightly further can meet need. We now need to relocate from Southampton to Dorset for a school. I have to pack up our whole life. Which I’m willing to do but shouldn’t have to do.

A brother and sister playing in a playground.

Mia and Josh

If I was listened to about my concerns from the beginning Josh could have a good chance of a future. Josh now has no chance of catching up and no academic future. He has been failed.

The failings have been admitted yet we are still suffering.

This has effected Josh’s confidence, self esteem, friends, home life and mental health. The daily struggles he has are hard enough. Never mind having to fight for an education.

The system needs to be changed.

A 10 year fight and still not in an adequate school.


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