DCP urges Worcestershire County Council to prioritise short breaks centres like Ludlow Road

21 May 2018

Amanda Batten, Chair of Disabled Children’s Partnership, a coalition of 60 disability charities, said: “We are urging councillors involved in deciding the future of Ludlow Road respite care centre for disabled children in Kidderminster to recognise that it is nothing short of a lifeline to local families. Short breaks centres like Ludlow Road save the state tens of millions of pounds by supporting parents to look after their disabled children and they give disabled children opportunities that their peers take for granted.

“We recognise that Worcester County Council, like many other councils up and down the country, is having to make difficult decisions due to budget pressures. But we believe the solution can never be to pass this on to families already facing significant challenges associated with caring for a disabled child.

“Decisions to cut services for disabled children are having a huge impact on some of the most vulnerable families in our communities. It’s vital that the people making these decisions understand how important these services are and consult and work together with families.”