Our campaigns

At the Disabled Children’s Partnership, we campaign for a fairer system of support for disabled children and families. Working closely with parents, young people and the over 110 organisations that make-up the coalition, we put pressure on those in power.  

Our campaigns: 

#SENDABetterMessage calls on the government to use its SEND reform programme to create a more just, fairer system of support for disabled children and families – one that is easier to navigate and gets them the services they’re entitled without having to fight for them.  

 #LeftInLockdown exposes the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of disabled children and families, and calls for targeted recovery policies to help them heal from a year of lost progress. 

#SecretLifeofUs provides a platform for families with disabled children, raising awareness of barriers in society, and aiming to increase understanding and empathy of the experiences of families.

#ThisIsSocialCare is our latest social media campaign, highlighting the positive impact social care can make to the lives of disabled children and their families when the right support is put in place. Much like #SecretLifeofUs it provides a platform for parents to raise awareness of their experience with social care.

The DCP Manifesto 2024 is set to be a major year politically with a general election expected in the second half of the year. With this in mind the DCP has developed a manifesto with the call to all major political parties to consider disabled children and their families in their respective manifestos.


#GiveItBack  is our long standing campaign which highlights the massive underfunding in disabled children’s health and care services, even before the pandemic and calls on government to invest in support for children and families.  As part of this, we ran a short-term campaign –

 #CountDisabledChildrenIn – in the first quarter of 2022, calling on local councils to invest in the health and care services disabled children and families are entitled to as they set budgets for the 2022-23 financial year.

#FailedAndForgotten Disabled children and their families are currently facing the most challenging times yet. Post-covid recovery has left disabled children facing “record breaking” delays and backlogs to health and social care services. Our 2023 research revealed the worrying state of affairs for disabled children and their families in England.

#TheLoneliestSummer  Research highlighting the lack of holiday provision for disabled children in England.

Wasting money, wasting potential – our most recent research highlighting the enormous cost of the tribunal system to taxpayers. Conducted in collaboration with Pro Bono Economics.

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Our other work:

Our #ThreePillars outline the long-term reforms that need to happen within children’s health and social care services to ensure families can easily access the support they need to care for their disabled children.

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