Left In Lockdown

In May, we reached out to over 4,000 families of disabled children to ask how they had been impacted by the lockdown. Overwhelmingly, they told us they felt locked out and abandoned by Government and by society, and are fearful for their own physical and mental health.

They told us that in 76% of cases, the vital care and support they relied on had stopped altogether, leaving parents and young siblings taking on all care responsibilities around the clock.

You can read the full report on our survey here.

We demand that Government recognises and respects disabled children’s increasingly vulnerable situation during the pandemic, and prioritises disabled children as the most in need.

As we put forward our demands to Government, we want to hear about your experiences of lockdown. Have you and your family been locked out and abandoned?

Please share your story on social media using the #LeftInLockdown hashtag, or by emailing us at disabledchildrens.partnership@mencap.org.uk

And why not let your MP know about our survey and your experiences by tagging them into your #LifeInLockdown social media posts. You can find their details here.