Victory for families at Nascot Lawn

Victory for families at Nascot Lawn! Now we need to fight for short breaks services across the country.

A group of families in Hertfordshire are celebrating as their local short breaks service, Nascot Lawn, has been saved from closure because the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) reversed its decision to cease funding the service.

Short breaks are among the most fundamental services for supporting the health and well-being for families with disabled children. They hold families together and can prevent them from reaching crisis.

Despite this, earlier this year Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) proposed to cease funding for Nascot Lawn which provides vital short breaks for children with complex health needs and learning disabilities.

As a result, worried families who use Nascot, took their fight to the High Court.

We know that this is not just happening in Hertfordshire: many families of disabled children across the country are facing similar cuts to their short breaks.

Thankfully, Herts Valley CCG have reversed their decision to withdraw funding from Nascot Lawn just before the case was due to go to the High Court.

But, while this is good news, families up and down the country are facing similar battles, causing them stress and worry We are calling on the Government to act and we need your help.

This why we are calling for action and need your help.

Add your name to our letter calling on the Government to review the funding and availability of short breaks services so that disputes like this don’t arise in the first place.