New government drive to tackle barriers faced by disabled people: a missed opportunity?

The announcement on 25 June from the government on disabled people appears to be another missed opportunity to address the needs of disabled children and their families.

Amanda Batten, chair of the Disabled Children’s Partnership, said: “Putting the new equalities hub in the cabinet office is a positive step. It will help ensure that disability policy is at the heart of government, which is what DCP have called for since the coalition was formed. But disabled children need to be central to this hub, so the inequalities they face from the start of life, can be addressed.

“It is startling that a major announcement on support for disabled people appears to makes no reference to disabled children and their families and the particular challenges they face. That’s why we are calling for the needs of disabled children to be prioritised disabled children and for government to give back the £434million funding shortfall for social care services for disabled children, as well as increasing funding for health and education.”