#FailedandForgotten – read our new report

We have published our new report, Failed and Forgotten.

Disabled children and their families are currently facing the most challenging times yet. Post-covid recovery has left disabled children facing “record breaking” delays and backlogs to health and social
care services.

Our new research has revealed the worrying state of affairs for disabled children and their families in England. More than 2000 families were surveyed for our research, and their responses were eye-opening.

Our research found:

Half of parents of disabled children are unable to work and have experienced poverty, because of lack of support for their child.

Three in four parents have had to give up employment or their whole careers, due to lack of support.

Seven out of ten parents said their disabled children’s health had deteriorated because of lack of support.

Only one in three disabled children has the correct level of support from education setting.

Only one in seven families had the correct level of support from social care.

Only one in five has the correct level of support from health services.

Only one in five felt their family received the support needed for their child to fulfil their potential.

Over a third (38%) of parents have experienced marriage/relationship breakdown in the last 12 months as a result of lack of support for their disabled child.

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