Emma, grandma and carer to Linc, shares her appreciation for teachers of disabled young people.


“The children are returning to school today after Easter break.

Hopefully they had quality family time, days out, special activities or even breaks away.

The teachers are also returning to the classrooms after days of preparations, co-ordinating with other staff members and planning the days ahead designed pacifically for our children and their individual needs.

In this present moment the teacher will be responsible for 8 children of different ages with a range of abilities and disabilities.

Thinking about the children I know of through our #SecretLifeOfUs campaign and how diverse the needs of the children are; puts me in awe, deep respect and gratitude for all the SEN teachers today.

As a grandma I struggle at times with communicating with my autistic grandson. His energy and determination, his mindset and willpower blows my mind at times.

A young boy with his arms up in the air playing.

Emma’s grandson, Linc

Teachers that work with my grandson understand him. They know what his strengths are, his likes and dislikes. They know exactly what he is and is not capable of at this very moment. His teacher is aware of every other pupil is his class to this degree.

The dedication, patience, kindness, strength and on-going training deserves a huge thank you.

Our teachers are incredible.”


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