Share your experiences to #SENDABetterMessage

Do you have experience navigating disabled children’s services? Would you like to share your story with the public, and help put pressure on politicians to create change?  


One of main reasons the Disabled Children’s Partnership exists is to provide a platform for the voices of families with disabled children. As part of our #SENDABetterMessage campaign, we are looking for people with experience navigating disabled children’s services to campaign digitally through videos on social media, or blogs.


Help us raise the voices of families with disabled children, and put pressure on those in power to create change ✊ 📣


Share photos

Images can be powerful. Do you have any photos that some up some of problems in disabled children’s services? Linda shared the below photo of the huge amounts of paperwork she has had to fight through when trying to access support for her family. It resulted in loads of people sharing it and helping raise awareness. You could share something, or get creative and share any other sort of photo.

Here is another example of a similar photo from Patricia, which went viral on Twitter.

Email your photos to us at

A woman standing next to a huge pile of paperwork in boxes, frustrated.



Record a video for the campaign 

Uploading a video to social media, directing it at those in power, is one of the most powerful ways to raise awareness of an issue, and create change. If you would like to record a video for the #SENDABetterMessage campaign, you can download our digital campaigning guide to get you started.  

All you need to do is record a short video on your phone or laptop, send it back to us, and we can do all the editing and uploading. 

How to record a video for the campaign (PDF) 



Write a blog for the campaign 

If you’d prefer, you could also write a blog on your experiences navigating disabled children’s services, which we could upload to our #SecretLifeOfUs page and publish on social media. You can email your blog to us at Here are some tips to get you started and to guide what you could write about: 

  • What have been some of the big problems in navigating support for you and your family? What are the key problems you’d want those in power, and the general public, to know about? 
  • What impact has fighting for support, and not getting it for so long, had on you and the rest of your family? 
  • What would you like to see change in the system of support for disabled children and families? 

It would also be great if you could briefly introduce yourself at the beginning and send a photo of you or your family in with the blog. We ask that blogs be no more than 1,000 words. 




Any questions? Email us at